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Singing Crickets – Another Reason to Respect Nature!

A friend sent me the most amazing audio track today: it’s a recording of crickets chirping, but with the pitch and tempo dropped. Maybe that doesn’t sound like cause for awe, however it turns out that when the tempo is dropped the crickets sound like a Vienna boys choir. No, I’m not kidding. Listen to the recording and see for yourself.

In case you’re wondering, I did some research after listening to the track to see whether it’s a legitimate recording. The consensus elsewhere on the internet is that the audio is real and untampered. I think it’s truly beautiful that crickets are, in fact, singing in harmony with each other… one has to wonder what the experience is like from the cricket’s perspective. Do they hear themselves as a choir might, creating a musical composition together?

The takeaway from this, at least for me, is an enhanced sense of respect for all life. It’s so easy to be dismissive of a tiny cricket, and yet even the smallest creature is capable of beauty and deserves to be treated with kindness.

I also recommend listening to the following interview with opera singer Bonnie Hunt. In the interview she discusses her personal reaction to the recording. You will also hear a very lovely excerpt of Bonnie accompanying the crickets.